3d Printing

I’ve got a Makerbot Replicator 2X, and I know how to use it! I can run prints for you, or even help you get a model designed in the first place. I have many colors in ABS plastic. Sorry, no PLA printing. I am interested in getting some NinjaFlex or Nylon to print with as well… if you have a good excuse (ie: project) for me to do so, do drop me a note…


I’ve been experimenting with the new Kinect 2 sensors, and have 2 in my lab, with the Windows connectivity kit as well. Available for rental if you need them for a month or two for your own experiment.

Oculus Rift

I’ve always had an interest in 3d, VR, and the like. So when the Oculus company announced their VR headset, I was quite excited. I have the Oculus DKII device, and have started playing around with photographic VR panoramas and videos. This is also available for rental if you’d like to borrow it for a month or two.

Estimote Bluetooth Beacons

Bag of 25 estimote beacons for either Eddystone or iBeacon development. I’ve written a few POC apps, and can do the same for you.

Arduino, Electronics, and Sensors

Been experimenting with Arduino, RFID, electronics, Phidgets, etc.

Home Automation

I am a huge home automation geek – going back 15+ years (back then it was using X10, but nowadays I use Z-Wave, and IP based devices) Need help getting started? Need some advice? Want to tour my house (50+ devices and growing) – let me know.


SousVide Professional, Searzall, Coffee Roaster, Chemicals…


Canon 7D Mark II, Lytro